Serge Ferrari


Creator of innovative flexible composite materials since 1973, the Serge Ferrari Group designs, manufactures and distributes membranes responding on the technical requirements of many different applications.

Serge Ferrari membranes are used for solar protection, facades, environment & industry, lightweight architecture, acoustic solutions, modular structures as well as for products suitable for the consumer market such as outdoor furniture or yachting covers.

High performance Solar Protection with Soltis®

With the Soltis® Range Serge Ferrari is one of the leading manufacturer of screens for all applications in solar protection. Developed from Précontraint® coating technology, this flexible composite material possesses every form of robustness. Patented worldwide, Serge Ferrari Précontrain® technology involves keeping the composite materials under tension throughout the whole manufacturing cycle and gives products a high degree of dimensional stability combined with exceptional strength and durability.

Soltis® offers multiples advantages:

  • Thermal comfort with heat and UV protection
  • Protection against glare
  • Transparency
  • No elongation when installed or throughout its service life
  • Long-term tearing strength
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightness
  • Fire safety

With a wide range of colours and different openness factors, Soltis® screens are adapted to any configuration and building, for better visual and thermal comfort. The micro-perforation ensures a good balance between transparency, heat and glare protection. Soltis® is also customizable in any specific colours for specific projects.

Effective heat shield, long term durable (wind & UV resistance) and attractive looking are only some of the reasons for which private developers and architects use Soltis® on their new constructions. In order to show the full range of high-performance of Soltis® screens in combination with ZIP systems, Serge Ferrari developed Z Plus. Z Plus is the zipper closure for façade awnings and pergola canopies which has been especially engineered for Soltis® composite materials.

The only company of its industry with a recycling process:

In addition to its exceptional energy efficiency, Serge Ferrari membranes are 100% recyclability and a good choice particularly in projects where the architectural concepts are based on sustainability. As part of the globally unique Texyloop® system, Soltis® sun screens can be recycled after use to recover the feedstock. This is done in Serge Ferrari’s own recycling plant in Ferrara, Italy. As a result, the material has a good eco-footprint.





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Serge Ferrari

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Serge Ferrari

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